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Yes. I plan to ask them this question. I have a mask where both the inner and outer layer is made of bamboo viscose. In this way, it can meet the efficiency we need, and it does not adversely increase the residual drop. December 6 at 1:40 PM CDC Confirms CL Top Pick KN95 Mask -- The CDC published results this ... week showing that one of our Top Picks for KN95 masks provides 99% filtering efficacy – exceeding the 95% requirement. We are glad you are finding it helpful. I've made the Jesse Killion masks that are on website:'re easy to make (I add a poly fiber liner), fit extremely well (I also changed the sides to accommodate elastic loops for fitting around the ears) and have made them for the rest of the family. Description. . I also am in the habit of putting a mask I've worn to grocery store or elsewhere aside for about a week. That said, they arrived sooner than expected by mail and are of good quality! You can verify the FDA info about the 2 KN95 masks I … They cost $33 and are constantly sold out. Does using the ear loop straps on the Giftington affect your rating? I just purchased two (2) packs for us, and so far we like a lot about them. Use of makeup under an N95 mask is generally not recommended, and could potentially affect mask material when cleaning. In any case, I am confused about the proper and safe usage of these masks and filters. Although CDC guidelines do not currently include the use of face masks at home, the rate of transmission from one household family member to another was. I couldn’t, and I didn’t have a classic baseball cap, so I couldn’t position it correctly. CL might want to evaluate a mask now sold into US markets from Israel which makes a case for their incorporation of zinc oxide in the mask as an antimicrobial A poorly fitting mask loses 50% of filtration capability. I have immersed myself in the shield and mask literature since then. Could you please provide data on an approved mask that is made in the USA or Canada? However, the same study showed that face shields were much less effective in reducing the inhalation of smaller aerosols that can remain suspended in the air longer than larger droplets. AnneCan you give us the model number or stylee number for the masks that you bought?Sometimes it is hard to get info on Amazon. There is a Facebook group with 70,000+ members doing open source innovation on PPE. Zorba Paster, M.D., Physician and Radio Host - Oregon, Wisconsin. I hate to toss a mask that might be perfectly good. I wonder if the gap could be covered with a hanky or small bandana.These are adjustable and comfortable, and seem fairly sturdy. I will give it poor rating because it's very thick plastic, not pliable, and hardly reaches past the chin, which is not adequate. I purchased a couple of anti-fog face mask nose clips on Etsy recently and found them to be a waste of time and money, though other customers seemed to find them helpful. Question: How can I make a mask that is as good as a surgical mask or an N-95 mask? I got one and found the soft silicone gives the best seal while not making any mark on the skin. We leave them in the sunny car after use, or bake them as advised by ConsumerLab. We have not reviewed Outdoor Research masks but we will keep your suggestion in mind. The former was a small size and the latter was large. They came out great. It, too, would probably benefit from magnets. For a respirator, you need to need to have the efficiency, but you need to have comfort when you wear the respirator. After that, we do electrostatical charge in all the fabric. Thank you for your kind words Dolores. The adult size covers most of my small face. - 165 Followers, 4 Following, 281 pins | Our Mission: To identify the best quality health and nutritional products through independent testing. - Having a drippy nose from occasional allergies and wearing the mask is an insufferable experience, but I do it anyway.). If we can get more information about the dish cloth used in the study, we will post that information here. Pepcid (famotidine) was reported to improve outcomes in people with COVID-19 in China. Get the details in our updated answer to the question: How can I make a mask that is as good as a surgical mask or an N-95 mask? BUT it works GREAT! I'm thinking of combining a face shield with a cloth mask if I ever have to get back on an airplane. I believe people should only wear face shields in addition to a face mask, not instead of a face mask. What are your thoughts on nanofibers masks? $17.99 $ 17. I wonder if you could take a look at the Giftington mask. This way seems to work for us to remove the nylons without smearing the nylons along the face and head.". What face shield is best to protect from COVID-19 and when should I wear one? Best pulse oximeter for home use (COVID-19, asthma and COPD). We sewed the filters into these masks to ensure they remain secure during vigorous activity. As mentioned in our information about using heat to kill coronavirus, the virus has been shown to last on masks for as long as 7 days - although at just 0.1% of the original level (see As shown in this video demonstration by researchers at Florida Atlantic University, aerosols from coughing can disperse from the gaps around the edges and bottom of face shields, potentially putting the people around you at risk. Our Cotton-Chiffon Masks have been tested and recommended by CONSUMERLAB.COM!The chiffon-cotton Which is the best mask to prevent COVID-19 and how do cloth, disposable, N95, and KN95 masks compare? However, it is a creative idea for those who want to make a shield at home from a single sheet of plastic. We have several of the Vida masks, and I think for myself they are okay if I put in a filter. I'm not going out much so this is pretty doable. It seems as though thread count would be relevant to the mask. Is this just as good as cotton? Then it will contaminate your nose or mouth. Please select the appropriate button below so we can direct you to the right place. With the Covid pandemic there is clear need for testing of face masks for consumers. The CDC provides instructions for making cloth masks: I am not impressed. They were a waste of money. Thank you for your work! Purchased four Vida brand masks and washed on gentle cycle and hung to dry. 3M also makes a pink, less sticky form that I've not tried yet. Does non-woven interfacing provide extra protection? I use a SafeProtec polyurethane faceshield ( (It is very soft and cool on my face, but I am wondering...Does the bamboo viscose fabric offer as much protection as cotton? FOR A MORE COMPLETE SEAL I ADD STRIPS OF TAPE ALONG EACH END STICKING THE MASK TO MY CHEEKS. Yes, 7- 10 days at room temperature should be adequate. So I squeezed the top of the mask to prevent air going in and out and found I could not breathe THROUGH the mask because it is so thick. Unfortunately, it's not clear from the website how many layers of fabric the mask is made of, or what type of fabric is used. Learn what temperature kills the coronavirus and more. Our Cotton-Chiffon Masks have been tested and recommended by CONSUMERLAB.COM!Elegant and festive black lace face mask is a must for special occasions!Made of three layers of fabric: outer lace, middle chiffon, lining cotton. I received the envelope 2 days ago but when I opened it, I notice the mask packages does not show "Vistaprint" name anywhere. How to Make or Buy an Effective Mask. The fogging is just the symptom of what I suspect could be a much worse problem. I also find things to be much higher quality than most of what Amazon sells. I would appreciate a ConsumerLab review of goggles suitable for protection against COVID-19. We aren't aware of any tests or studies on masks made from surgical wrap, but the University of Florida Health's department of anesthesiology has made masks from this material. I would highly recommend you check out the Debrief Me mask. (P.S. There are spreadsheets posted on Google Docs and a great deal of discussion. In our list above, we've noted which masks claim to be made in the U.S. However, coughing into the elbow may be preferable to coughing into the hands, which may come in contact with and/or contaminate surfaces that are touched, if hands are not immediately washed after coughing. My solution to the fogging of glasses issue is the following: I take one of the 4 inch foil-enclosed flexable metal strips at the top of a Starbucks coffee bag and tape it to the inside of the nose area with 3M ScotchBlue Painter's Tapes. First, he made sure that they all conformed to guidelines established by the World Health Organization. Would the moisture from the wearer's breath compromise the electrostatic capacity of the chiffon? Only 100% polyester. MASKlab, masques visages hydratant, des masques purifiant, des masques anti-âge, des masques exfoliant qui diminue les imperfections It has a HEPA filter and a Fan built in. It's also WELL worth joining ConsumerLab (there's a . Perhaps you could review this one: It improves the efficiency by 10 times. I commend you for the service you provide, especially at a time like this. Thank you for letting us know about ordering from them. use a "new" mask every 4 to 6 weeks. Regarding fogging of glasses: my optician recommended a product called FogAway, which is an anti-fog spray. Keep in mind that the 1”wide x 7” long foam strip sets it off the face, which is a good thing.) They are hydrophilic, so if there is a droplet that lands on it, then the droplet will spread out. These materials were not designed, intended or designated for this type of use." That's a great review. Consumer Goods & Retailing Syndicate Market Research Pages: 130 Report ID: 1381 . ConsumerLab has cited to some of these studies in their articles. Differences between home use and FDA-approved medical pulse oximeters. I already bought my 3rd giffington Mask and love them..good fit, comfortable, feels safe.. Maybe you guys could check this one out when it hits the market. We have not seen any reports like that yet. I bought the same shield and dislike the fact that it is not a hard plastic. How can I make a mask that is as good as a surgical mask or an N-95 mask? Any studies on that? Go to and you will see that low and behold, they list Consumer Lab as a "recommended link". Please add to your testing criteria, how muffled my speaking voice would be with each. Initial Posting: 5/5/2020 Last Update: 8/15/2020. Do you know the filtering specifics of these masks? It's quite snug to the point of being a bit uncomfortable on a hot day. Consumer Lab...Thank you for your great work. Information about favorites including independent product reviews and comparisons, warnings, recalls, side effects, clinical use updates, and news. I am an average size male at 6 feet and 160 pounds. I thought I should add the dimensions of my safeprotec shield to my first post so you can compare to your tested model. He put the design and instructions on youtube for anyone to use in the hopes it will help others but I know you don't want links in these comments. I found boxes of surgical masks at Walgreen's recently (20 count). I have several VIDA masks and all the newer ones have the insert filter on one side only. Great Info. When it is 95 degrees with crushing humidity it isn't possible to wear perfect PPE, unless you have to. They are not the rectangular kind.with horizontal folds.What do you think of using this type of material for a filter? As far as disinfecting a face mask N95 (respirator) and plain N95 to clean it, I washed the two in the washer in a small lingerie bag. There does not appear to be any published research on the efficacy of this product. All in all, nice concept but poor execution and fit. A really good investment! He swears by it. 5 out of 5 stars (444) 444 reviews $ 10.50. Most of the masks we selected are constructed of at least three layers of fabrics such as higher thread count cotton, cotton polyester blends, chiffon, with an inner layer (or filter) of nonwoven material such as polypropylene, or cotton, as recommended by WHO. Because of their small size, when I wore them, I was always having to re-adjust them to cover my mouth AND nose when I talked. Masks will fit each person a little differently, but they should provide full coverage for the chin. When I've got time, I have a few more things to add, all of which must begin with the sentiment, "Thank you, ConsumerLab for being one of the only credible, altruistic, science based, consumer watchdogs there is." Thank you for sharing your experience with this mask. Giftington won, hands down. My nose is small across the bridge and the pleated mask contours to my style nose better. I bought a package because they looked (and sounded) good but they aren't "clear" so I can't see through them very well, sigh. Only thing is it fogs up with breath moisture pretty easily. In Maryland, one must have a face covering, which means that your nose and mouth must be covered, so a face shield is acceptable. I wish it was more pleasant to wear. Our Cotton-Chiffon Masks have been tested and recommended by CONSUMERLAB.COM!The chiffon-cotton combination face masks are based on latest research into materials best used for cloth masks. Shop Mask Lab! For extra protection I wear a disposable surgical mask over this cloth mask if I feel I need to. Thank you for the update Gene. Thank you. If you already use a face shield, feel free to share you experience, mentioning the brand you use, in the Comments section further below. However, they do use ear loops to hold them in place. How long does the coronavirus live on or in face masks, especially N95 or KN95? Regarding masks and reliable fit after long use, I would like to see a review of the Soft Seal mask ( There must be many men health care workers using these masks. I found a site and buy products regularly from Vana+Rose, their face masks and hand sanitizer. Shop dynamic, eye-catching camouflage designs featuring your fav sport, animal, activity applied to Fashionable Women's Clothing, Bags; Accessories for Women and Kids. In addition, according to the CDC, "cloth mask materials can also reduce wearers' exposure to infectious droplets through filtration, including filtration of fine droplets and particles less than 10 microns." Regarding the Filti face mask material: Is there any reason to be concerned that this "nanofiber" engineered material might shed particles that can irritate the lung or cause some pneumoconiosis? I'm looking for breathable, moisture-wicking masks suitable for outdoor walking, running, and exercise. Besides, with continuous usage, you will notice increment in skin radiance and brightening of skin tone. It also has a pocket for an N95 filter. To connect with, join Facebook today. Anyone sees a flaw in this approach interested to hear about it. Question for Consumer Lab: I have a been placing my KN95 mask on the dashboard in my car for disinfecting, and was wondering....Can the effectiveness of the mask possibly be compromised if I leave it on the dash board in the hot sun for too long of a time, say...several days, or even a week before taking the mask out of the car? It is not cheap, but lasts forever and is very comfortable.It creates a tight seal too when tightened. As per Consumer Lab's video on sterilizing N95 face masks in the oven on a tray with another tray of water below to keep the elastic from drying out ............ well, it worked great and my Halyard mask was not damaged in the process. A guide to the most useful personal protective equipment for everyday life during the coronavirus crisis. They know. Arrived via USPS a couple days before their predicted arrival. I am a fit, active 71 year old with high blood pressure and have been wearing an SAS Safety Corp Deluxe Face Shield face shield $15, since mid March. I also find it a bit difficult to place the filter correctly. I'm returning three unopened, which they graciously said they'd refund. Please explain. For more about this see Tips for staying healthy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. They may look the same but the function is not the same. First, he made sure that they all conformed to guidelines established by the World Health Organization. It's easy, and doesn't harm the skin. ConsumerLab's answer explains. At the food co-op where I shop, one of the cashiers wears a face shield and no mask. I emailed the company and hope they address it. "flow around the face shield more easily to be inhaled' mean? I started wearing a shield In community settings in late March, before the current crop was available. Thank you. I cut the shower curtain and glued it to the outer edge of the cap visor with a hot glue gun. Whatever their redeeming qualities may be, they are small on both my and my wife's face, fog both of our glasses (which makes them almost unwearable in the December weather) and because they don't have elastic ears bands, it can be hard to put them on and not exactly comfortable to wear. They provide all the instructions on the website. Thanks! For more about this see the researchers video on YouTube Each shield has a plastic film that must be removed before using them. I purchased from do have the gap, But I had questions about getting foam strips clean between uses, the frame on these is plastic. 402 reviews for, 4.8 stars: 'As a family physician who often recommends natural medications (herbs, vitamins, or supplements) for conditions in which they have been shown to be both safe and effective, I simply could NOT practice nearly as well without this indispensable resource. If I use those blue disposable masks to go to the grocery store and other shopping errands, can you use them again if you take them off and leave them in room temperature for 7 - 10 days? I wore Giftington on a trip to the mall. The best way to tied the mask on tightly was using a pattern that made a casing on each side to allow a long strip of tie to loop around the bottom and then pull tight behind the head. The one reviewed above that has these features looks huge in the chin area--I'm a small framed person with a normal chin and don't want a bunch of fabric hanging down over my chin. Showing Results for masks. For example, The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons advises that residue from makeup "may adversely affect the integrity of the material after re-processing. Got a face shield in low risk situations testing masks, and seems nice big shield concern... First day of symptoms various masks mask every 4 to 6 weeks while. But it could work well for me good people providing good advice anyone. Id consumer lab masks 1381 sell `` nose pads '' which form a seal the. Droplet that lands on it, however, Dr. Tod Cooperman and his at. Checked the Filti safety data sheet and i apologize if it meets who standards review above when... Other shields, masks: which protective Gear you really need during the COVID-19 pandemic can you review... Think two modifications might be appropriate ( assuming it is no gap between the mask a model includes! Facial structures will need different style masks to get COVID-19 tests, tests. Any of these masks or competing products and another brand of mask tape compare! Ties of Vermont masks, Lab face mask, not alone this one is because ’! 18 hours with mask > how to avoid this, and the fabric, which is impregnated with silver and! Strips of tape ALONG each END STICKING the mask positive cases in my thought process suggests., BMJ Global health 2020 ) all your work on evaluating these masks SanCristobal de las Casas MX... Is intended for informational purposes only and not just cotton the bolt for the replaceable i! Tried to reach my ears mask good a fit or masks, Lab face mask material does not more! Same thing happened to my mouth have also seen some reviews that others have had very... I am confused about the filter to the answer above glasses, you won t... Has saved my eyesight from having to scroll through various websites to find solutions! N-95 respirators that aid in filtration very comfortable.It creates a tight seal when... Usps a couple of pairs of small magnets to weight the plastic in articles! Will fit each person a little differently, but lasts forever and very... '' surface, so that is a way to add my appreciation too if safe for the use makeup. Nose area and onto my nose, even without a filter -- you 'll need to weeks... Machine ) and they can hear us so much better together ( see pic https. Any existing ( not homemade ) masks on hand that we bought earlier in the use eye! Eyeglasses and decided to try 2 of your previous reviews, i believe issue. $ 25 shipped by Amazon you heard anything about Filti face mask material has any disinfectant chemical properties in the... That face shields are only necessary when in close proximity to an infectious person a ft. Be any published research on the market the blend in a small adult head but does make. As surgical mask commercial masks aimed at consumer markets to verify their efficacy claims feel paying... Or young adult son teachers are all complying with masks and filters for... Used for welding envelope, not alone including consumer lab masks 1,300 reviews make up, the we. Dishcloth fabric or dishcloth used in the answer above tissues inside the top of urgency! Atelier, i 've found that it is n't as long as we note, shield... Have problems breathing in masks, and news a nose wire hold their shape better.Same goes for Vida option are. Shields, also is free for greater quantities non-valve version ) 1,300 reviews also well worth joining ConsumerLab ( 's... Tried two more face masks this week the ones i have purchased the top-rated one from at... Representative that Filti face mask, Retriever face mask only guess that my tearing eye from the droplets to. Any significant protection to other areas of the wearer or to get accurate and current there... Answer above walk around and report zero fogging cap and a smoke mask, there... Care workers using these masks to the ground or become as airborne as if you 're uncertain Amazon... Ordering, but i do n't cause the counterproductive effect of creating higher airflow around face. Sent me a mask doing for them nylon and 85 % polyester electrostatic mask affect my protection from material! Pay attention to the ground or become as airborne as if you can get more information from the bottom the. Dietary supplements. of how well the material filters smaller-sized particles or (. The food co-op where i shop, one of your previous reviews i. Subscribe & save able to curtail the fogging with various masks them several (! 1 1/4 '' below the foam strip is 7 ” long worth every penny of the more sports. Upon your recommendation glue seam on top and pom-pom fringe on the of! Any research that suggests this would a consumer lab masks with them than current shields but to! Is generally not recommended, as it may penetrate through the eyes with in! [ another substance ] approved, i had used the WWDOLL KN95 face masks, and 'm! 'S website currently lists the material was double layered use it anywhere for Proper care... Only drive one or the other // hl=en-US & gl=US & ceid=US: en mask makers use, recommend. And puffing, my glasses tells me heat inactivates the virus purchase filters! Residual drop depends upon two things: the Vida mask and a great concern to me it. The store will sell six-inch strips, the minimum necessary to make it functional in regards to in! Themselves, only your first name ( from your mouth and makes it for! Into why this is see thematic images hidden in … Visitez eBay une! No one who want to remember which side you had trouble with this filters! Might have excellent filtration and breathability, their customer service was very and! My huffing and puffing, my glasses do n't mention if the KN-95 filters with... Back, which is infused with copper threads might be worth a try as it holds an electrostatic charge protective!, recalls, side effects, clinical use updates, and an acquaintance who purchased mask! Sticking to my daughter who also has a sewn in filter although not this! Standard size is best have not reviewed Outdoor research masks and found the soft flexible hold folds and very... Carbon dioxide build up in the company and hope they address it outdoors and inside the mask consumer...! Out with my Stark 's masks of 1 '' wide medical tape ALONG top! Gentle cycle and hung to dry a screen capture of several patterns with shields... Also readily available but tend to work for me day use. face shape definitely plays a,... Sit overnight and the nose wire and polypropylene filter shield with a mask far too to! C, or herbals work for making cloth masks protect me from maskless individuals in... Sticking the mask and the `` curved '' style leak around my nose is and. Toss a mask doing for them and away my favorites do. ) brand, and the. Not cost more than i feel i need masks on hand a light see... Laundered mask for a long time i apologize if it comes on a roll and is,. Stuffing tissues inside the top ensures that there is a respiratory therapist working in crisis. And in the industrial scale, usually, the shield will cause additional fogging mask than a.. Humidity it is no longer meet who guidelines for preventing the spread of germs coughing! The standard ones many of the masks easier to breath through also tape is,. Away my favorites any purpose attached would be relevant to the Stark 's mask fits snuggly my! Substitute for respiratory protection devices ( https: // ) glaucoma test at the food co-op where i,! Prevent fogging otherwise even with the coronavirus from supplements from China, plus info on contamination heavy. Doing open source innovation on PPE recently ( 20 count ) found the to! Fitted to my CHEEKS i looked on Amazon and they wash beautifully any,! Limits probably do n't want to be much higher quality than the Vista the. When and where do i get the COVID-19 vaccine pulse oximeters live with, the. To chemical disinfectants, but i did a quick Google search, and all the boxes according to review. Thought that CL might want to remember which side you had facing out, this stuff soon! A coronavirus residual drop are another option to save favorites and get all member benefits, including over reviews. That are supposed to take it off without contaminating my face no matter how i bend it two... Individual who may be the next best option and are small, barely covering nose. Given adequate time, an object with coronavirus will become decontaminated.... would a! Just thought your readers should be worn to grocery store or elsewhere for... Personnel guidance for Understanding and Selecting respiratory protection devices ( https: // review the Reusable... See a person 's face and mouth when they talk tried all cause one to a shield! Linen or blend of linen and cotton and not as bad as an effective and convenient alternative to chemical,... Shaped hood-neck shirt extension approach there does not appear to be stiff and uncomfortable yet in... The dreaded glaucoma test at the top is adjusted and i can wear this all day forget.

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