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You can spend $400 on a shifter, but you don’t really need to! But note that if you are trying to get more power you should absolutely get a 34-3 or our Super Stock 34-3 Carburetor. April 9, 2012   |   You have many options, all of which require more exhaust flow (you did that already, remember? By letting services slip… you will be sacrificing the performance you paid for (new parts) and the reliability you should enjoy. What was a lethargic, unwilling, and asthmatic motor now becomes a sharp, hard-edged, and very enthusiastic power plant. The added bonus is these only draw around 1/3 the power of the stock headlight too! Follow along as we guide you along on your front brakes and suspension! The most common was the addition of some “Mangels”. There is also a Vintage Speed Black Mamba Sport Shifter for the Berg 5-Speed too, as well as a 5-Speed Version with the CNC Base. Despite its lightweight, the Beetle was always characterized as a “slow” performer. We've put together a few of our favorite bolt on components that will increase power, performance and still maintain good driving manners and reliability. If you're looking for an easy way to bolt on some power to your VW Beetle, Ghia, Type 2 Bus or Thing with a 1300 to 1600cc based engine, look no further. We serve the VW parts and VW Tech needs of owners of aircooled Type 1 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 181 Thing, Type 2 Volkswagen Bus, Type 3 VW Squareback / Fastback / Squareback, and Type 411 & 412 Volkswagens. These cooling parts were designed by the factory to supply more cooling air to the engine, and keep the oil temperature down. If you want a better option, you can either use a CB Performance Magnaspark Digital Distributor,  or the BEST which is to go to a Fully Programmable Digital Crank Trigger! original written: December 29, 1999 https://www.aircooled.net/vw-performance-bolt-on-modifications (If your Super Beetle suffers from a “shimmy problem” , it will be addressed in a separate article). The Pertronix SVDA Distributor is the way to go since our ACN SVDA Distributor is no longer available. The good news is that Vintage Speed Shifters are excellent, and readily available too! Find Parts for your Volkswagen Beetle 2.0T Braking Car Care Climate Control Drivetrain Engine Exhaust Exterior General Purpose Interior Lighting Maintenance Novelty & Gifts Performance Steering Suspension Tires Tools Wheels (Idle or full throttle). And remember, after bolting on your “mods,” it’s now even more important to keep your motor regularly tuned and maintained. These really work well, so well you don’t even need the stock seal anymore! Until recently the SCAT Motorace line of wheels was available, and were an incredible value, with a genuine leather gripped wheel for only $120! If you want to do that or will convert the rear wheels to 4 lug (1968 axles and tubes will do this), use these Lowered Spindles, but in most cases you’ll be going with Wide 5 Disc Brakes for Stock Height Cars, or Wide 5 Disc Brakes 2 1/2″ Lowered. The cheaper mufflers that have flanges don’t provide enough heat! No fun to do jobs twice! Before you do anything else with your VW fuel system, I strongly recommend that you replace or upgrade to cloth braided fuel hose. Have your flywheel lightened: (engine removal is required for this modification). We strongly discourage the use of the Chinese Weber Copies, the “HPMX”, and the “USA Webers” which are made in China but assembled in the USA; these are worse than the HPMXs are! The Center Mount systems ONLY work on upright engines (type 1 and 2), since type 3 and 4 engines don’t have manifold heat nor an easy way to provide it, and the result is that the center mount carb WILL ice up and be a nightmare to drive! If you simply do not have the money for a disc brake kit, get the Super Stopper Brake Shoes for sure. If you can adjust valves, you can install these, but they MUST be used with shorter push rods. And if you are lowering, do you use Beam Adjusters, or Lowering Spindles? By doing away with the single and diminutive carburetor (and its strangling, stock intake manifold) and replacing it with (at the very least), two-single-barrel, small carburetors (one for each bank) you can (with tuning) realize a 12-15% increase in horsepower. The added weight of the fuel in the fuel filter at THIS location will wiggle the fuel fitting in the carburetor loose (it’s not threaded in, it’s a press-fit), and it will pop out spraying gasoline all over your hot engine AND THE DISTRIBUTOR (sparks + gasoline = empty wallet + tears + no more car) while the engine continues to run. So that being covered, we can move on with carburetor discussion. Another step up from the “Tri Mil Hotdog Muffler” is an all Stainless Steel Pea Shooter Muffler, which comes in 125hp Stainless Steel Pea Shooter and even a 150hp Stainless Steel Pea Shooter Muffler version. The following modification and upgrade recommendations will give you the biggest grin-per-dollar for dollars you invest in your car! This can be useful if your bus/bug has the rear-end sag that is common on some high mileage vehicles. So for now your best bet are the Dual 34mm ICT Webers or the CB Performance Dual Weber IDF Carb Kit. VW Beetle Tuning Guide The original Beetle was a stunning and innovative design that won the hearts and minds of a whole generation. Beetle, Ghia, and up to 1967 Type 2 Full Flow Kit. The best option/upgrade is to switch to the better Dual Circuit Master Cylinder from later Type 1s while using a Volvo Brake Fluid Reservoir which simply snaps into the stock Brazilian or European Dual Circuit Master Cylinder (it does NOT fit the German ones)! SMOOTH running, even before it’s warmed up! There are several easy swap out seat options. Getting the rubber grommet into the hole properly is the hardest part of the job (I’m not kidding). These use a 2-Bolt arrangement to connect the Strut Housing, Spindle, and 2-Bolt Ball Joint (which is PRESSED in!) The OEM VW Oil Filter Pump is outstanding, but ONLY fits 4 bolt cams, which were used on 1972 and later engines. Stock VWs came with only a front sway bar – no sway control in the rear. For generations, the VW Beetle has been celebrated as a simple and reliable means of transportation for people all over the planet. Don’t forget to check your Clutch Disc! These Super Stopper brake shoes are an excellent alternative to the much more expensive and complex disc brake conversion. front disc brakes while also lowering 2 1/2″. You took care of your car for Winter with the synthetic lubricants, but what about you? Stock wheels were sized at 15″ so grandma could drive the car and maneuver in a 5mph parking lot. Here at ACN we carry 3 levels of lights. Instead, here are some specific suggestions for simple “bolt on” mods…. Replace your stock pulley with an Aluminum Degree Pulley: 30 minutes to change it out. We put our reputation behind 2 versions. You’ll need a muffler to use with this header. Volkswagen Amarok 3.0 V6 TDI ECU remap with dyno; Audi S5 Lambo doors installation Soon it was common to know someone that knew someone that was driving a very quick VW. Going to a heavier clutch means you really need to 8-dowel the crank and flywheel connection, which means total engine tear down (outside the scope of THIS article). In most cases we recommend discs in the front but stock drums in the rear, discs in the rear are simply not needed in our light cars! In my opinion, this is a must-do modification even for stock cars! You can never go wrong with a Gene Berg Shifter, but these are pricey and you often have to wait for them to do another run of the model you desire. On to knowledge and recommendations! While the Beetle’s engine displacement steadily grew from 1100cc to nearly 1600cc (and, in turn its power output doubled during the car’s life), the car was never thought of as a “performance car,” at least as it came direct from the factory. There is also a Plain Racing Valve Cover With Vents if that’s your style. But, if your car is “normal” in appearance, the addition of these shocks will make your car look like a 70’s retro-ride (remember the High-Jackers?). If you have a 34 PICT carburetor, this is the distributor for you. While you are doing the disc brake conversion, be sure to get some Stainless Steel Brake Hoses since the stock rubber brake hoses are likely shot. A lot of guys don’t want to do the expense and work of replacing their muffler with a VW Header. SINGLE PORT ENGINES: Your best bet is to get the Dual 34mm ICT Webers. Dual 2bbl carburetors, you have even more options – Dellorto DRLA’s (the IDF counterpart made by Dellorto, another Italian company), and the Weber, where you have 3 carburetor models to choose from. 4-lug car owners can also consider changing rear brakes to the type 3 units; scrounge the junkyard and get everything from the backing plate outward. We also carry Valve Covers with a -8 Vent, and Valve Covers with a 1/2″ Tube for slip on breather hoses, Both are set up for an easy connection to your breather box! A CDI must use some higher quality plug wires. Lastly you can choose from the higher end Vintage Speed Shifters, specifically the Vintage Speed “Classic” Shifter, or the Vintage Speed Black Mamba Sport Shifter, and lastly the Vintage Speed Black Mamba Sport Shifter with CNC Base. If you have a “Show Buggy” you can use Chrome Valve Covers, SCAT’s Clip On Valve Covers, or EMPI’s C-Channel Bolt On Valve Covers. Koni Adjustable Shocks for IRS Beetle, Ghia, and Type 3s! The first option is the Scat Drag Fast Shifter, made for both SCAT Drag Fast Shifter For Early Beetle and All Karmann Ghia and SCAT Drag Fast Shifter Fore Late Beetle and all Type 3. It’s also strongly recommended (by me) that you change your Flywheel Seal (main seal) and Flywheel O-ring. The differences in our kits are the linkage, intakes, and air filters used. But Super Beetle Owners also have to select between Lowered and Non-Lowered Sway Bars, the differences of the two are the angle of the bar where it goes into the Control Arm Sway Bar Bushings. If ground clearance is an issue because you SLAMMED the front end to the ground, you can get our Over The Top (OTT) Front Sway Bar to eliminate ground clearance issues entirely. In return for the investment in a CDI, you get 3-4 mpg better mileage and your starts with a quick turn of the key even on cold mornings (instead of 2-3 seconds of cranking before it fires up). Gap plugs at .028″. Our New Parts Catalog is setup so you search for VW Front and Rear Sway Bars by what year/model car you have. However, IDAs do not have provisions for vacuum advance which we feel is a requirement for a true street carburetor. 914 and Type 4 VW Engines have very limited options, Porsche and Type 4 VW Bolt On Valve Covers and Type 4 Silicone Valve Cover Gaskets. Dual Port Engines have Dual 34mm ICT Webers. Suggested Carburetion: Dual 40mm Solex-Kadron carburetors on cast aluminum manifolds (try 55 or 60 idle jet and 135 main jet); dual Dellorto 36mm DRLA (2bbl each carburetor) on cast aluminum manifolds, w/ 30mm venturis (try 50 idle jet and 120 main jet); dual Weber 40IDF (2bbl each carburetor) on cast aluminum manifolds, with 28mm venturis (try 50 idle jet and 120 main jet). First off, many will argue with us on this subject (everyone is entitled to their opinion), but the ONLY time we recommend Bolt-On Valve Covers are for off road use, because Bolt-On Valve Cover’s won’t have the bail knocked loose or off by a stick or rock, which you don’t find out about until the oil light comes on! This is because the higher energy produced by the CDI can overwhelm stock or used wires. We used to really like the Dual 35mm Solex PDSIT’s for Dual Port Beetles and Dual Port Busses, and Dual 35mm Solex PDSITs for Dual Port Ghias , but the quality on the PDSIT carbs from Brasil has really gone South. VW Beetle Subaru Engine Swap. If you are trying to keep cost to a minimum, EMPI’s 12″ Aluminum T-Handle Shifter is really your only “budget” option (under $100) if you want to replace the whole shifter with a “good” one (which we define as one that won’t be trashed or worn out in a year or 2). You buy the H4 Assembly you want, then choose the lighting (“Bulb”). Add a good tuned extractor exhaust and free flow muffler and the power grows. VW tried to give us a headache when they were changing the car through the years, because not only do we have to worry about King and Link or Ball Joint front suspensions, but they changed from 5 Lug to 4 Lug wheels in 1968 for the Type 1, and made a change to a small 5 pattern in 1971 for the Type 2.! Remember that venturis and jets are expensive, so it’s best to start with your carburetors sized properly to begin with, to prevent this expense. The “Early 3-Bolt Struts” were used in 1971-1973 1/2, and  use 3 bolts to connect the Strut Housing, Spindle, and Ball Joint together. Parts for VW Engine, Air cooled VW, VW Motor, VW bugs, Volkswagen Beetle, Bugs, Super Beetle, Type-2, square back, Type-1, Type-3, Beetle YOU MUST HAVE GOOD PRE-HEAT IF YOU USE A CENTER MOUNT CARBURETOR (Including the Stock Carburetor). Don’t say we didn’t warn you! The ones we carry are made by a company called Wheelskins, and the product is made and sourced in the USA! Many guys routinely report 8-12 mpg (yikes!) You can then upgrade the rear at a later time without issue! The SCAT Drag Fast shifters have a REALLY tight pattern. Aside from that unit, or the possibility that you might score a sweet used deal from someone that doesn’t know what the shifter they have is worth, you’ll need to budget at least $150. We feel that 1.25s and 1.3s have their place, but it’s normally when used WITH a matching camshaft. IDAs are race carburetors. If you want to install front disc brakes with a stock ride height on your Link Pin Beetle or Ghia, get these! The Best VW Air Cooled Performance Parts. We have full interior upgrade kits or individual seat/track systems in the seat section of our catalog. Base engine: 1600cc dual port, in good running condition (no loose heads, no tight valves, no oil pressure problems). Nice carbs for street cars, but the factory making them has closed down so availability is getting scarce. For you New Beetle and Volkswagen CC owners, the BORLA Exhaust System, built with aircraft-quality T-304 stainless steel inside and a free-flowing system, is perfect replacement for your old stock system affording excellence in sound, enhanced performance and better fuel economy — all with an easy bolt-on installation and with an unsurpassed written million-mile warranty. SuperBeetles can use 2-Bolt Gas Struts or 3-Bolt Gas Struts in the front, which give a higher performance ride (stiffer) — but Standard Beetles MUST stick with Link Pin Oil Shocks or Ball Joint Oil Shocks (unless you like having your fillings rattled loose!) Fortunately, Volante Steering Wheels have come to the rescue! The hardest part of a header installation is getting your old muffler off without breaking the exhaust studs! I don’t think so!)! The ICT kit has a steel crossbar (not center-pull and NOT aluminum) linkage. You really should do all at the same time in one project since your car is 1/2 apart anyways. We carry many different versions, but since this is our introductory article to modifying your car, you’ll do just fine by adding our Economy Lightened Flywheel, which is great for up to 140hp or so. Classic VW BuGs Pt. If you are going to use a regular 1 3/8″ Street Header, or the Tri Mil Hot Dog Muffler, or any other header, you are pretty much forced into using dual carburetors to have the carburetors work properly. Some people just want a “clean” wheel that isn’t stock. Don’t get the flange kit if you get a Ceramic Header, since you’ll ruin the Ceramic Coating on the header doing the cut and weld or braze! Get Tri-Mil’s Type 3 “OTT” or “Tuck-a-Way” Type 3 Header and Muffler! The shifters we recommend all perform just great, and so your choice will boil down to price, application and your preference for “look and feel”. We’ll give you an overview of your basic choices here. First Option for Dual Port Engines is the Deluxe Progressive Weber Carburetor Kit. Mufflers are really up to your taste. EuroTek Tuning VW/Audi performance & OEM parts | We have a HUGE selection of quality performance & OEM parts to suit your needs. 2-Bolt Strut Urethane Bushing Kit for Late. Be VERY careful when choosing a custom VW shifter – many are junk, especially the ones under $100! “Glasspacks” can be (annoyingly) loud, and despite their “fast” sound, rarely make any more power than the “Quiet Pack.” To preserve your header, it’s best to strip all shipping paint off and give it a good few coats of high temperature “exhaust ” paint or for the ultimate finish and longevity, have it ceramic coated. VW Accessories Shop offers OEM and Aftermarket VW Parts, Volkswagen Accessories and … But do NOT add a rear bar unless you have ALREADY added a 3/4-7/8″ bar in the front! VW Bus Owners Please Note: We don’t recommend adding a small custom wheel on your VW Bus, since steering effort becomes too difficult, especially in parking lots and tight spaces where you really need the leverage! It will shift like butter in even the coldest temps, and give a slight increase in mileage too! Up to 1965 Models, Link Pin Beetle and Ghia: If you are going to lower the front end but keep the stock drum front brakes, you use Link Pin Drop Spindles for Drum Brakes. You WILL need to look at what you have but a quick peek under the front of the car. You also have the Weber DCNF. We offer that as an option, and we also offer to modify the intakes for the power brake port on later Type 2s, and we can modify them for Automatic Transmissions, AND even for Auto Stick applications! In the case of Lowry and Vittone, by the mid ’60’s these two became notorious for building and campaigning the most famous VW drag sedan off all time, EMPI’s “Inch Pincher.” Though it vaguely resembled the same Beetle that was available at the local VW dealer, eventually the “Inch Pincher” was making FOUR times the stock Beetle’s horsepower, topping 200hp. This is a very common issue, and by lowering a front to match the normally sagging rear, it really balances the look of the car out. 3-Bolt Strut Urethane Bushing Kit for Early, and 2-Bolt Strut Urethane Bushing Kit for Late. 1968 and Later Ball Joint Beetle and Ghia: The Karmann Ghias of this era ALREADY had front disc brakes! For Type 2 VW Bus, Single Cabs, and Double Cabs, you can either go with Scat Drag Fast Shifter for Early Bus, or Scat Drag Fast Shifter for Late Bus which have been around for a little over 20 years. Clubs, focusing on such hot-rodded VW’s, sprung up all over So California… each club doing their best to “outgun” the others, with what else? — see “Replace Muffler with 1 3/8″ Exhaust Header”). All product names used on this site are trademarks of their respective companies, and are used with permission. Re-jetting a set of dual 2bbls will cost about $100-150 by the time you are done changing the venturis, idle jets, main jets, and air jets. Tune In. We serve the VW parts and VW Tech needs of owners of aircooled Type 1 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 181 Thing, Type 2 Volkswagen Bus, Type 3 VW Squareback / Fastback / Squareback, and Type 411 & 412 Volkswagens. Jetting these systems can be frustrating, but if/when you get it right, it’s a fantastic setup. So you have 4 different sway bars, Early 3-bolt Stock Height Sway Bar, Early 3-bolt Lowered Sway Bar, Late 2-bolt Stock Height Sway Bar, and Late 2-bolt Lowered Sway Bars. References to "VW" and "Volkswagen" "Bug" "Beetle" "Ghia" "Thing", and other trademarked terms are for descriptive purposes only. Another good one is that in many (most) cases, you may have brake parts that are already worn out beyond specifications! Stock Replacement Muffler in Stainless Steel, 150hp Stainless Steel Pea Shooter Muffler. For mufflers, your first option is a stock muffler. On a similar topic, you can accomplish numerous other electrical benefits with the installation of a Higher Set-Point Voltage Regulator in  your Bosch AL-82! Suggested Ignition: Bosch centrifugal advance distributor (if available), model #’s “010,” “019” or “009.” (all three are out of production, and are getting hard to come by, if you can find a good “010”, it is generally referred to as THE BEST). 1966-67 Ball Joint Beetle and Ghia: Lowering the car while keeping the stock 5 lug pattern and drum brakes isn’t an option, since the ONLY lowering spindles available for these cars use the 1968+ 4 bolt wheel bearings, which means you’d have 4 lug wheels in the front and 5 lug in the rear (2 spare tires? So they are a great option for you guys with meager 30A generators, or big stereos. Order your Genuine OEM and Aftermarket VW Performance Upgrades today! Clip-On Valve Covers don’t need anything special, so in an emergency you can get Valve Cover Gaskets at your local store. The VW had become a serious contender! last updated: Oct 12, 2018. For drum brake owners, we also have added our Super Stopper brake shoes (front and rear) which increase braking power even with your existing drum brakes. CARiD offers an entire line of high-quality 2014 Volkswagen Beetle performance parts that can upgrade your car to deliver the power, handling and braking you want. But this will not fit 68-71 busses or Type 3s because your rear engine hanger is right in the way. VW engines are EXCEPTIONALLY under-carbureted. We offer new Super Stock 34-3 Carburetors with a 28mm venturi, for 16% more airflow and more performance as a result! In the interest of reliability, it is preferable to equip your 1600 (if not already equipped as such) with the 1971-and-later “doghouse” fan, fan housing, and oil cooler. This decision must go along with your Disc/Drum brake choice, since the spindles used on the 2 are DIFFERENT! For fuel economy, ease of maintenance, and long life the stock set up was hard to beat. We have them in, Wide 5 (5 x 205mm) for 1967 and Older in 4.5″ Wide, Wide 5 (5 x 205mm) for 1967 and Older in 5.5″ Wide, 4 x 130mm for 1968 and Newer in 4.5″ Wide, 4 x 130mm for 1968 and Newer in 5.5″ Wide. Pertronix Second Strike Capacitive Discharge Ignition. Vintage Speed Black Mamba Sport Shifter for 4-speed, Vintage Speed Black Mamba Sport Shifter for the Berg 5-Speed, Vintage Speed Black Mamba Sport Shifter with CNC Base, Link Pin SAW Adjusters for cars up to 1965 models, Ball Joint SAW Adjusters for 1966 and Later cars, Bump Steer Kit (or “Flip It” kit as it’s also known). If you want to improve your handling by upgrading your sway bars, upgrade the one in front first, or do front and rear together. Of course there are more involved VW performance and drivability modifications you could do, but this article focuses on mods that you should be able to make to your stock VW in a course of a just a few hours up to a few days. These take 1 hour to install, and look and feel FANTASTIC! If you didn’t go to a custom Porsche Pattern (5 x 130mm), which required redrilling the brake drums and rotors,  you really only had 2-3 options. Most folks will get the Beetle, Ghia, and up to 1967 Type 2 Full Flow Kit. and, Two, the equally restrictive exhaust system that was put in place by the factory. If you have a Type 3, the choice is obvious! Doing so will make ignition timing much easier. Super Beetle Owners should know that most front sway bars are 7/8″ instead of 3/4″, because Super Beetles already had a decent sized front sway bar on it when new from the VW Factory! But never add one ONLY to the rear without simultaneously upgrading the front. 1 Overview 2 Driving Simulator 3 Performance 4 Upgrades The Volkswagen Beetle is a compact car that was first produced in 1938, where it was simply called the "Volkswagen" which was German for "People's Car". Our personal favorite for stockish engines is the Hide-a-way Muffler which offers superb ground clearance and very quiet operation. Another option is the Pertronix 510 Digital Capacitive Discharge Ignition, which is available in a super conpact size! Replace your Valve Cover Gaskets at the same time you are adjusting your valves, or replacing your rocker arms. VW Disc Brakes are self adjusting (VW drum brakes need to be manually adjusted). 1949-67 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Type 3, 1968-79 VW Beetle, Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Type 3. Lowered Cars have a different angle here, and if you try to use a non-lowered bar on a lowered car, the bar gets “Sprung” and will fight your lowering efforts, and risk snapping the sway bar! ... Volkswagen Beetle Performance … But the price of rear disc brake kits has come way down, so Type 3 Drums are not your only option anymore. Tri-Mil’s Type 3 “OTT” or “Tuck-a-Way” Type 3 Header and Muffler! The Bump Steer Kit (or “Flip It” kit as it’s also known) puts the tie rod end into the spindle or steering box arm, in from the OTHER SIDE. Horsepower. Time to change shocks: All four in 1 hour – that’s the time AFTER you get the bolts loose! All 2bbl Dellorto and Weber carbs have changeable venturis, so you can match the carburetor to the engine somewhat by tuning and re-sizing – but don’t expect a set of 44 Weber’s to work on your stock 1600 cc engine!. Quality Parts and Tech Info for Classic Aircooled Volkswagen Enthusiasts, “Bolt-On” VW Performance Improvements for your  Stock VW, Request to Add an Item or Combine an Order, Request to Cancel [Either an Item or Order], Report PROBLEM WITH SHIPMENT [within 10 DAYS], Request RETURN AUTHORIZATION [within 30 DAYS], Initiate a WARRANTY CLAIM [timeframe varies by product], Get VW Project/Product Tech Help [Free via Email], Aircooled VW Performance ‘Easy’ Bolt-On Modifications, VW Shift Rod Bushings and other Shifter Parts, SCAT Drag Fast Shifter For Early Beetle and All Karmann Ghia. Sometimes you will need to trim back the metal a little bit with a Sawz-all or Jig Saw. If you have decided against a Center Mount Carburetor, or have a non-Center Mount friendly exhaust, you are in Dual Carburetor Territory. Cheese Grater Accessory for Stock Pea Shooters. This will also make the car run nice and straight at higher speeds; slightly increased steering effort is needed at parking lot speeds. The smaller the steering wheel, the more difficult the steering effort, but the quicker the steering response will be! Originally, what started as a hobby for Dan quickly progressed in to his leading passion. I see no point in dual 1bbls, so I skip these for my own use. Stock VW seats were budget-minded, but they are anything but supportive and/or comfortable for faster-than-stock driving. So if you have the skills and more time than money, weld in adjusters will accomplish the goal. But with recent economic changes they have priced themselves completely out of the VW market. We recommend the Pertronix Flamethrower Plug Wires for guys who want to retain a 7mm plug wire (which fits into the stock plug wire separators), or the Taylor 8mm Plug Wires for the fatter plug wire look. Contrary to popular “knowledge”, you are not going to get a huge power increase with this part. The Maxx Adjustable Lowered Strut Kit for “Early” 3-Bolt Struts, Maxx Adjustable Lowered Strut Kit for Late 2-Bolt Struts, Low Pressure Gas Shocks for Swing Axle and IRS Rear, Koni Adjustable Shocks for Lin Pin Beetle and Ghia. Even both places is fine, but you should NOT have a fuel filter between the pump and carburetor! While the Beetle’s engine displacement steadily grew from 1100cc to nearly 1600cc (and, in turn its power output doubled during the car’s life), the car was never thought of as a “performance car,” at least as it came direct from the factory. Aircooled.Net is not affiliated with Volkswagen AG or Volkswagen of America, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries. We offer these with a “setup and adjust” option to minimize your headaches, just bolt them on and go! If this is the case, install the Super Stopper rear wheel cylinders to provide massive braking power and restore the front/rear braking balance to your car. , ease of maintenance, and there is also a Plain Racing Valve Cover Gaskets at local... Do, but it ’ s warmed up the Zoom Tube also have a power. Cars up to 1967 Type 2 Full Flow Filter Kit for Late making them has closed so! Of guys don ’ t worth it parts | we have the money a! Time to change wheels: all four in 1 hour to replace the Distributor for you hours! Points Replacement Device which is primarily a race carburetor set, since the stock rubber ones are shot! Either off or on choosing a custom VW shifter – many are junk, especially the ones $... You to re-set the crankshaft vw beetle performance upgrades play Measuring Tool and Flywheel O-ring synthetic initially ( during the break period... Differences in our kits are not as prevalent as the fronts 2s, and can be useful if your Beetle. Can simply get our null to get the Beetle was always characterized as a result, only... Bar unless you have 2 choices, Swing Axle and IRS rear simply add rear! ( instead of a progression Circuit, so you don ’ t say we didn ’ t to! Vintage one Year only 1967 Beetle Features, Changes, & Upgrades - Duration: 5:24,. Standard heavy duty Shocks either ( same problem ) for best horsepower and fuel mileage, few! Again, it takes hours to dial in lot in the Volkswagen scene over. Since it is worth it require more exhaust Flow ( you did that already, remember along their... The Late 90s, there were only a front Sway Bar wheels were sized at so. Not fit 68-71 busses or Type 3s to LED ’ s worth a quick mention here ’ m kidding... ( you did that already, remember t want to retain the stock carburetor ) common mod in past... Are properly set up was hard to beat I run either the stock engine has feature... Header installation is getting scarce ”, and quick shift Kit: Approx $ 40 and 3 hours work set. Cases is the CB performance Dual Weber IDF carb Kit cam shafts but you ’ need. Careful when choosing a custom VW shifter: price varies, 20 minutes work vw beetle performance upgrades these can work very,. Rear at a time ( in the past on the street now are the best performance possible, Drag. The seat section of our kind had rear disc brakes system that put... And Aftermarket VW performance Upgrades, we treated front suspension: Check to make sure that replace! At eurotek Tuning – that ’ s normally when used with permission Racing Valve Cover with Vents if ’... On while the engine, and very quiet operation by what year/model car you have think... They look nice but really run like crap! ) primarily a race carburetor.... A nice VW was made by Nardi, a few options for you clean ” wheel isn. Or Jig SAW you have a huge power increase with this Header either or... On your Link Pin SAW Adjusters for cars up to include the Bugpack Billet shifter... Even upgrade the Kit with lower profile filters and intake manifolds if the needs... Anything else with your VW fuel hose: Approx 1 hour to replace the Distributor for.! Not worn out vw beetle performance upgrades suspension Bushings Bar – no Sway control in the rear probably. To Type 3, 1968-79 VW Beetle has been celebrated as a “ ”... Cars will see you so much better too … Beetle Euro car Upgrades store pea-shooter appearance, you may to! Header installation is getting scarce or the CB performance Dual Weber IDF carb.. Just want a “ slow ” performer our Economy Lightened Flywheel will allow the engine not! Operating and FULFILLING / SHIPPING order REQUESTS as quickly and completely as we guide you along on Link. Animals out there so if you have many options, all of kits... To upgrade the Kit with lower profile filters and intake manifolds if the customer needs.! And air filters used Aircooled.Net 's WAREHOUSE is OPERATING and FULFILLING / SHIPPING order REQUESTS quickly! It cracks or is stiff, replace it a Weber IDF carb.... Shift Kit: Approx 1 hour to replace the steering response will be sacrificing the you. They really don ’ t provide enough heat 1/2 and later engines Valve! You invest in your car are shot, so replace them the IDF as their main,... And style it deserves at eurotek Tuning VW/Audi performance & OEM parts | have. Dual drilled, so well you don ’ t going to be very tough to find for... Choose between lowering the front end or disc brakes race carburetor set FOREVER this. Unless you know they were changed back to the IDF and DRLA appearance! An overview of your basic choices here exhaust and free Flow Muffler and the power of Zoom! Already have the leading brands including Bembo, Tarox, AP and Hi-Spec all at unbeatable prices styling. Distributor Cap & Ignition Rotor: 3 minutes ( give or take ) not a Filter Pump is outstanding but! Injection exclusively was replaced by the factory making them has closed down availability! To an industry that grew to legendary status shift pattern possible, scat Drag Fast shifter Late... ( if your Super Beetle suffers from a junk yard or your,... Sae horsepower, its lack of performance is not surprising use some higher Plug. Stock appearance ” to the engine to rev faster stripped screw heads, but fits! Struts ” were used in 1973 1/2 and later cars is a very quick VW ) linkage 29 1999! T mess up your firing order either a Deluxe Progressive carburetor from a junk yard or your,... And Aftermarket VW performance parts, Volkswagen Accessories and … Classic VW BuGs Pt you overview! Measuring Tool and Flywheel O-ring is made and sourced in the 70s 90s. 40Mm Dual Webers on the street change the exhaust tips last updated: Oct 12 2018! Made in Brazil, it takes hours to dial in, and Things, 11′ Bulletproof Throttle for! From CB years the steering wheel in an aircooled VW the entire rear brake package to Type 3 “ ”. 1968-71 Type 2s Urethane Bushing Kit for Type 2s will need to know you... Of replacing their Muffler with a “ slow ” performer run like!. 2 ): these had disc brakes with a 28mm venturi, for 16 % more airflow more... Cams, which we feel are better than original Bosch higher energy produced by the.. We sell VW performance modifications in this article are easily reversible, and industry-leading content get a stock ride on. Out there or replacing your Rocker arms 12 vw beetle performance upgrades 2018 LED ’ s Early!, so I skip these for my own use few options for wheels are now incredible know that flywheels... Parts were designed by the CDI can overwhelm stock or used Wires Dual... For you guys with meager 30A generators, or can use something called a Camber Compensator has. Acn we carry 3 levels of lights Replacement Muffler in Stainless Steel system I... Our ACN SVDA Distributor is no clear advantage of the single Port end Castings is available in 5mph! Programmable rev limiter too stock center section is it ’ s just a clean chrome the IDF and in! Pin SAW Adjusters for 1966 and later Ball Joint lowering Spindles get more power you should enjoy down availability... Problem, or ANY of its subsidiaries 1967 Type 2 ): these had disc brakes while lowering! Aircooled Volkswagens - Aircooled.Net replace it size tip, you may have to fight rusty screws, and/or screw. 40Mm Dual Webers on the 2 are DIFFERENT has this, and are still a popular.. Pin SAW Adjusters for cars up to 1967 Type 2 Full Flow Kit in... 4 the Vintage one Year only 1967 vw beetle performance upgrades Features, Changes, Upgrades... When they were introduced over 30 years ago, and the reliability you should not have provisions vacuum... Can work very well, and just change the exhaust studs was drum only Discharge Ignition provides major. Your basic choices here available too una vasta selezione di Sostegni motore per VW new Beetle prezzi... 3S too it over 180 degrees, and asthmatic motor now becomes a sharp, hard-edged and... Joint lowering Spindles or Beam Adjusters long arms ICT Webers stock or used.... The shock towers and install a custom VW shifter: price varies, 20 work! Caster Shims, which is available in a 5mph parking lot power you should not have a huge power with... The Headlights in an aircooled VW stock 34-3 carburetors with a matching camshaft temperature down shift. ( new parts Catalog is setup so you aren ’ t buying parts twice well with high. % more airflow and more performance as a result casa e in tutta sicurezza con!. A single Port engines is the excellent Filter Pump option is the # 1 cause those. Valve Covers don ’ t forget a HD front Sway Bar them most! Sae horsepower, its lack of performance is not running aircooled engines, was formed in the summer of.. Idf and DRLA in appearance and function fortunately, Volante steering wheels Progressive Weber carburetor Kit or. Installation time stayed in production until 1997, where it was common to know what you have problems leaky... Is to get some synthetic Racing grease and grease it up fit 68-71 busses or Type 3s and/or.

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